Juliane Sternemann

by Bildy Oy

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Juliane is a Business Psychologist who joined Criterion Partnership in 2012 after previously working for an international business and professional services company with a focus on managing large scale recruitment campaigns.

Using her background experience within a number of different sectors including banking, recruitment, retail and the pharmaceutical industry, Juliane feels strongly about building strong customer relationships and manages both new and existing clients to provide flexible and solution-based products and support.

Juliane has worked with various Criterion clients across the private, public and not-for-profit sector including Next, Travelodge, BT, Kent County Council, Scottish Courts Services, Dstl and central government departments. She has a strong focus on designing and developing off-the-shelf and bespoke online assessment & selection tools, managing assessment centres and gets involved in the design and delivery of training events.

Juliane is particularly interested in employee well-being and pro-active interventions to work-life balance. This topic inspired her MSc research to develop a generic work-life balance competency framework using a mixed method approach.

In her free time, you can find Juliane searching for new culinary pleasures (and building new kitchen shelves to provide for her addiction to cookery books), burning the calories at hot yoga or attempting to master the art of playing the bass guitar!

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