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Over the last 20 years, Richard has been responsible for some of the most ground-breaking advances in the area of occupational psychology. As the founder of Criterion Partnership, Richard has established a unique consultancy and test publishing business.

Richard’s style is characterised by the creation of high impact solutions, which benefit individual stakeholders as well as the businesses that employ them. He has designed and implemented culture change programmes, performance management systems, learning and development solutions, assessment processes, and corporate communications campaigns.

Richard is qualified as a psychologist and a psychotherapist, which means his work can integrate theories and practices from both paradigms. Alongside his work in shaping HR strategy, Richard provides one-to-one coaching for individuals who are ready to grapple with the root causes of their behavioural limitations.

Since establishing Criterion Partnership in 1991, Richard has worked with many clients, including financial institutions, retailers, public utilities, government departments, and car manufacturers. His pioneering approach has resulted in an extensive range of published products that are used for assessment and development within commercial settings.

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